There is now less than 2 months until the very first national final hits the European screens, and if things go as expected, it will also be the first nation to select both their song and their artist. We’re of course talking about Ukraine.

Vidbir 2023

As we know by now, Ukraine won the contest earlier this year, but was seen as unable to host the contest, due to the ongoing invasion of the country. Instead, the United Kingdom will host the contest on behalf of the country in the city of Liverpool, and Ukraine will even be a pre-qualified country for the final, so whoever wins the national final, will already be set to perform in the final on the 13th of May.

The national broadcaster (Suspline) revealed that they had not too long ago received more than 300 submissions from interested acts, and today the broadcaster cut it all short, and revealed the 36 names that remain in the competition, who’ll have a chance to defend the country’s title in the contest.

These are the 36 names that remain in contention for Ukraine:

  • 2TONE
  • Angelina
  • Drevo
  • Elysees
  • Havka
  • Jerry Heil
  • Iana Kovaleva
  • Kozak Siromaha
  • Lue Bason
  • Moisei
  • Olivan
  • Oy Sound System
  • Seréen
  • sexnesc
  • Shy
  • SOWA
  • Tember Blanche
  • Tery
  • Victoria Niro
  • Vynohradova
  • Zetetics
  • Лилу45 (Lilu45)
  • Макс Пташник (Max Ptashnyk)
  • Мія Рамарі (Mia Ramari)
  • Роялькіт (Royalkit)
  • Саша Фадєєва (Sasha Fadieieva)
  • Циферблат (Tsyferblat)

What happens now, is that these 36 names will be invited into an audition and after this the final shortlist will be revealed. How many will be selected to perform in the national final is at the moment still unknown, but the final list is expected to be revealed no later than the 17th of November.

Man in charge of the selection – Pianoboy (Dmytro Shurov) – has promised that the selection will include a wide variety of songs, and has said that he appreciate the effort that has been put by artists in these difficult times.

Ukraine’s national final is set to be held on the 17th of December 2022, in the capital of Kyiv.

Out of the 36 names left in contention, who do #YOU hope will perform in the national final and who do #YOU want to win it all?
Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum site right HERE, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Discord.

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