Hundreds of Euro-fans flocked to West London this weekend to participate in the U.K Eurovision postcard.

The short clip, which will introduce British act, Molly Smitten-Downes, before she goes on stage in the final, is said to be the biggest of this year’s competition with the most participants involved.

Though we cannot give away too much, we can reveal the grand project involved a fleet of double Decker buses, Royal Mail vans, and swathes of fan in blue ponchos.

BBC Eurovision Executive Producer, Guy Freeman, spoke exclusively to ESC United, on the set of the Postcard, about the concept behind it:

“We were asked by the Danish broadcaster opt think, along with Molly, of a way of creating a Union Jack. Every country has been asked to think of diverse ways to create a flag. But with 37 countries taking part they all of course have to be different.

“We also had the challenge of a very complicated flag. Other countries are two coloured stripes, or very easy, but we’ve got triangles, crosses, thinner and thicker bits of white in ours. So it was quite a challenge.

“So we had to go quite big with it. We started to think what was iconic and British. So, we came up with the idea of [old] Double Decker buses and Royal Mail vans.

However, the project would not have been possible without the participation of British fans.

“We’ve got fantastic volunteers from the fan clubs who to come and do the blue bits.

Excitingly, the final cut of the video will be top secret until the night.

“Molly will take a over head shot which none of us will see until live on the night.

Guy said that the postcard was part of the UK’s new ‘serious’ approach to the contest.

“We are being serious, but with a smile

“It’s huge. It’s bigger than the Grammy’s… We are very happy to be taking part, but there is no point of taking part unless we are trying to win it.

“What we’ve done is simply get in the mindset of the kind of songs that win the competition, so we at least in that kind of zone of music and performance.

“But, we will be very happy to be on the left hand side of the scoreboard at the end of the night.”


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