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Tyler Griffith

Tyler joined our team just before the 2021 contest in Rotterdam and serves as our correspondent for Latvia, Iceland, and San Marino. He is also considered to be one of our Discord experts for the website, answering our operational questions and keeping the conversations going when he’s not busy at work, writing, or gaming.

Tell me about your first Eurovision memory?

2015 was my first live contest. An Icelandic classmate introduced us to the contest, and when I saw Eduard open the contest, I knew I was home.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song?

“Is It True?” By Yohanna (Iceland 2009).

What are some of your favourite musicians outside of Eurovision?

When I’m not listening to podcasts, I’ll listen to Red Velvet, The Midnight, Ásgeir, The Weeknd, and Marina.

What about your favourite food?

I love a mean lemon meringue pie. So good!

Do you have a favourite place to visit?

There’s a bunch of trails near where I live, so I like walking down them and being in nature. Seattle was fun to visit too, a lovely city.

Besides doing work for ESCUnited, how do you spend your free time?

Typically outside of ESCU, I’ll actually be at work myself! But when I’m not, I’ll play games on the Switch, read books and maps, and write stories.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

David Sedaris gave me shampoo from his hotel once at an event and I still have it.

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