It has easily been one of the longest awaited things for the contest and finally there is a date on when they’ll be available. It has finally been announced that tickets for the contest in Turin will go on sale on the 7th of April 2022.

Tickets for Turin 2022

Every year, a certain amount of tickets is being made available for purchase, dependent on how the stage will be formed, what else the arena will be used for (example, a green room in the arena) and once again… for COVID-19. The long wait for the tickets is mainly due to the COVID-19 restriction, despite the infection rates are dropping around in Europe, and vaccination rates still also remain high in most of Europe, but certain restrictions must still be held.

Tickets will be made available for the Family shows, the Jury shows and the Live shows, tickets will not be made available for the Press show. Every year, a set amount of shows are being held as rehearsals for the live shows, these are the so-called dress rehearsals. Each show mainly consist of 3 dress rehearsals and the live show that airs all around the world at 21:00 CET.

Certain access is made for this 3 dress rehearsals, should you want to visit Turin and watch one of the shows, then here is a quick summary of each show:

The Press Shows: (Tickets NOT available)

  • These shows are usually the first dress rehearsal of each show, this is the only show that won’t be available to the public through tickets. Usually also the shows with most errors and technical difficulties

The Jury Shows: (Tickets available)

  • This is usually the second dress rehearsal of each show, and then show that is held 24 hours prior to each live show. These shows are when the national juries from each country will make their decision, and will score their points purely based on each performance. The show usually still have some technical difficulties, but a lot is already scrapped and prepared here from the first dress rehearsal.

The Family Shows: (Tickets available)

  • The third and last dress rehearsal before each live show. These shows usually are the closest to how the live show will be like, and give anyone who’d usually be available at night time a chance to watch, with focus on families.

The Live Shows: (Tickets available)

  • Finally, the show that we all watch together, broadcasted all around the world and usually also the most expensive tickets, cause this is where all the intense stuff happens, and where everything matters.

For ticket purchase and updates, information will be made available on the following link:


Tell us then, are #YOU planning to attend one of the shows, and if so, which one will #YOU watch? In that case, let’s hear what kind of expectations #YOU might have on our forum HERE or on our social media sites.

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