We’ve known for a little while that Duncan Laurence would represent The Netherlands this year in Tel Aviv. Yesterday there was a leak about his potential song and today he finally released his song “Arcade”.

After a few months of speculation about the rather unknown artist Duncan Laurence, we finally have a song. He will be performing the emotional ballad “Arcade”. He had a little interview with the host of the show together with Dutch commentator Cornald Maas. He said that the song was about somebody close to him who passed away. She had loved someone very dearly and then unfortunately lost him. She never got over that loss and until the day that she died herself, she had always been grieving.

Duncan also stated that he initially wrote the song while he was at the rock academy in Tilburg. He had to make a lot of music and sometimes he would just sit behind the piano and start to play. The idea for the song started behind that piano while he was kind of just doing his thing. He then got a call on a Sunday morning from his The Voice of Holland coach and former Eurovision participant, Ilse DeLange, asking him if he would be up for going to Eurovision. They started a secret dropbox and he started submitting songs and samples and after some time, THIS is the end result!

Tomorrow Duncan will perform his song live on the same show with a different orchestration. That is when we will hear how he sounds live and how much potential this song has.

What do #YOU think about the song? Do you think that The Netherlands will qualify and where do you predict them to finish? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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  1. ALL Wei

    March 7, 2019 at 19:40

    I used to a bit sceptical about his entry!! But with this awesome vid they won me over!! I LOVE it

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