The ESC United “Expert” Panel is back. The Editorial team got to enjoy all 43 entries of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, review and rank them accordingly. Needless to say, this is all subjective and you may totally disagree with us. There is a reason we put quotation marks down. Which is why we included a poll and in the end we’ll compare the reader’s results to our results. So check out our comments first and the scroll down to vote in the poll. Let’s get rollin’!

Czech Republic: Martina Bárta – My Turn

Calvin – 10 Points
This song is rather poignant. Call it my soft spot for songs about friendship, but the lyrics are a touching tribute to someone the singer cares about, with “you were there to fix me up, you were there to pick me up, now it’s my turn” being an especially nice sentiment. Though not explicitly jazz, the song uses Martina’s background in the field; her performance adds even more soul to this entry. Finally, this song is a success partially due to its melody: the pre-chorus in particular stands out with its light, flowing pitch jumps. A wonderful selection from the Czech Republic.

Matt – 8 Points
Such a quiet song that will probably have a difficult time winning over hearts in Eurovision. Nevertheless, I’m quite fond of it. You can find its strength in its simplicity, it’s not trying to be “in your face”, it’s subtle yet so charming. Eurovision is known for big performances and maybe, just maybe, there is room for this little gem to win over the viewers and/or juries. The fact that we have a great singer can only help its chances. My fingers are crossed for Czech Republic to make it through the Semi of Death.

Stefan – 6 Points
This song is probably the best one looking quality and art perspective. The unfortunate thing is that it will be lost between the commercial entries. Czech Republic finally qualified for the final last year, but I am sorry to say that Martina will probably take an early flight for Prague.

Gerry – 6 Points
This is such a sweet song. Martina’s silky voice is perfect for this ballad, distinctive and melodious.There’s a good rhythm to the song, and the chorus has a delicate sort of power that keeps me hooked. The lyrics are lovely, and anyone who has a heart should be able to relate to the kind of love Martina sings about. My main concerns about “My Turn” is that it would definitely have a difficult time standing out from a crowd of more modern-sounding songs from the first semifinal and, considering the Czech Republic’s dismal qualification records, I’m afraid Martina has a steep climb coming up.

Nenad – 5 Points
Monotonous and kinda boring. Someone will say that this song is pure art, but the others (where I belong) would say that this song has nothing ‘that’ special about it. Listening to the three minutes of this song, I’ll get bored. I like energetic songs and that’s the only reason for lower mark.

Zack – 5 Points
What an interesting turn for the Czech Republic! After two years of melodramatic, yet high quality, ballads, we are met with a more low-key approach. The song comes off though as much more genuine and Martina is an exceptional vocalist. However, I feel the song does not sell the full capabilities of Martina and seems to only start to get going in the last 30 seconds. This could go either way; it could be a nice special moment in the semi-final, or just a buffer between more exciting acts.

Sean – 4 Points
After last year’s big vocal, the Czech Republic has decided to try a more subtle approach, in the hopes it can yield another final. Unfortunately, while this is a sweet and compelling ballad, it’s rather anonymous and I struggle to see it picking up a strong fanbase to get it through to the final. It’s a sweet moment, certainly a pleasant listen, but it doesn’t excite me enough and I can’t see it doing so for many people.

Robert – 4 Points
Another country which disappointed me somewhat this year after two fabulous entries in a row. We have yet another slow ballad with a female singer. The standout feature of this is that it completely lacks a climax… I really struggle with songs that fail to build as a generally rule; I don’t see the point of extending a song if you’re not doing anything new with it. She’s a nice singer and the lyrics are fine, but I just have anything to get excited about here either. I don’t know if they felt that the lack of a climax was natural for the song, or a “gimmick” to make it stand out in its semi, but for me it falls flat. Just like the ending itself does

Romeo – 3 Points
This is a lovely song but I just get bored everytime I hear it. It’s one of those songs that I can listen to but just do not connect with at all. It is a really nice song but it just lacks everything. I keep expecting it to go somewhere but it just doesn’t. I really don’t think its the Czech’s turn this year.

Jordan – 3 Points
A nice enough ballad that does not really go anywhere and has a relatively weak chorus. Beautiful vocals, but it needs a key change or something more dramatic to stand out. Unfortunately, I cannot see this qualifying.

David – 1 Point
A very old-fashioned styled song, and that’s just a no go with me. I can’t say it badly composed or anything like that, but it’s more the fact that I just don’t go with these kind of songs. I feel we’re back in time, and it just makes me get very bored.


Final Score: 55

Now it’s your turn, vote in the poll and let us know how you ranked it. You can comment here or join thousands of Eurovision fans and comment on our Forum HERE.

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This is the current ranking of the Panel, you can see all Reviews by clicking HERE.

  1. Estonia – 97 Points
  2. Italy – 95 Points
  3. Norway – 94 Points
  4. France – 86 Points
  5. United Kingdom – 85 Points
  6. Iceland – 84 Points
  7. FYR Macedonia – 82 Points
  8. Hungary – 79 Points
  9. Cyprus – 77 Points
  10.  San Marino – 76 Points
  11. Portugal – 75 Points
  12. Serbia – 74 Points
  13. The Netherlands – 73 Points (10,10)
  14. Switzerland – 73 Points (10)
  15. Moldova – 72 Points
  16. Armenia – 71 Points
  17. Poland – 69 Points
  18. Georiga – 66 Points (10,10)
  19. Montenegro – 66 Points (10)
  20. Belarus – 66 Points (9)
  21. Ukraine – 65 Points
  22. Bulgaria – 64 Points
  23. Malta – 63 Points
  24. Australia – 59 Points
  25. Romania – 56 Points
  26. Czech Republic – 55 Points
  27. Germay – 53 Points
  28. Lithuania – 50 Points
  29. Spain – 45 Points
  30. Croatia – 43 Points
  31. Slovenia – 41 Points
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