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The ESC United “Expert” Panel is back once again reviewing all Eurovision songs and rank them accordingly.

You are probably asking yourself on how we pick our panel and the criteria. We looked at people from all walks of life to bring together a unique group of panelists with a wide range in taste. They all bring different skills and tastes to the table so who are they?

Anselm – the Alternative Guy
Arie – The Professional Musician
Daniel – The Noob
Katja – The Schlager Queen
Mike – The Smart One
Olivia – The Journalist

You can read more about them HERE

Disclaimer: While we picked, what we perceived individuals with a wide range in taste, it is subjective to a certain degree so just enjoy their thoughts and if you don’t agree, feel free to post your comments below.
Eduard Romanyuta won the National Final in Moldova with this song “I want Your Love”. The question is, will the panel give him the love he’s asking for?!? Let’s find out!


Mike – The Smart One
This is the worst ESC Moldovan song I’ve ever heard. While the male singer has sex appeal, the song is unbelievably banal, repetitious, and boring. The lyrics are so insipid they make one wish they were in Moldovan so one could pretend not to understand them (even if one does). Where are the Balkan brass? Where are the zany performers? Even more importantly, where is Pasha? The only chance this song has is through a complete makeover. Otherwise it certainly will not make the finals, quite deservedly. Shame on you, Moldova, for this travesty you have inflicted upon your fans.
Points: 3/10

Daniel – The Noob
I tried to listen to all entries without watching the videos. This has been a mistake. For some reason I was thinking this song is performed by a female performer until I saw the quite unfeminine name of the performer. Excuse me! Anyway I believe this competitor was chosen because of his appearance. There is no other explanation or reason for sending him to Vienna because I think this song is so annoying even a crowd at a party would be stressed out. To sum up, I can say Moldova did not meet my taste.
Points: 2/10

Olivia – The Journalist
You could be mistaken for thinking you’ve entered the late 1990s when first listening to this song. It’s got a distinctly dated vibe. If this had entered the contest between1998-2002 it could have been a contender. But fast forward to 2015, this song has no place in the top half of the leader board. The song has a very boy band quality to it, and the song reminds me a lot of the British boy band JLS, but sadly a weaker version! Nevertheless, his looks, charm, and the song’s danceability will no doubt appeal to many. Heard better. Heard worse.
Points: 5/10

Arie – The Professional Musician
I want, I want, I want want want want want a lot more attention paid to lyric writing!  Seriously, the repetition and lack of original thought is annoying.  However, if I completely ignore it’s awful lyrics, I have to say that I LOVE the music of the song.  It has a Justin Timberlake feel with a strong beet and full electronic scoring that makes it both exciting and interesting.  Now, if the lyrics could do anything near finding an original point of view, it would be a winning song, but that’s just not the case.
Points: 8/10

Anselm – The Alternative guy
This is… hilarious. And bad. Very bad. When first hearing this song in the Moldovan national final it actually made me laugh throughout the whole performance. I appreciate them for bringing some cheerful uptempo into this year’s competition but this song sounds like it came out about 15 years too late. Despite the obvious trash factor, “I Want Your Love” is undeniably catchy and I can see it eventually becoming a huge guilty pleasure of mine.
Points: 1/10

Katja – The Schlager Queen
Ah, the intro gives me some Just a little by Liberty X vibes. The chorus is very Cheiron. For all the pop-newbies – Cheiron was the Swedish production team, who wrote all the hits for Britney Spears, N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion etc. back in the 90s. I like this. It gives me some retro childhood vibes. His vocals are not that good live, we’ll see how this fares on the ESC stage. But this is the closest to Cheiron we’ve have in 15 years, since Alsou (Russia 2000) was fierce enough for a second place. Me gusta.
Points: 7/10


Overall: 26 Points

So there is a lot more discrepancy between the panel this time around. Overall, Eduard’s song received a rather low score but also had at least a couple of supporters. This is the number that is going to open the ESC 2015 season, will it receive a similar response in Vienna?!?

Let’s have a look at the current ranking (Click on the Country for the full review):


1 Russia
Polina Gagarina
A Million Voices
Points: 36
2 Czech Republic
Marta Jandová &
Václav Noid Bárta
Hope Never Dies
Points: 33
3 Moldova
Eduard Romanyuta
I Want Your Love
Points: 26

Do you think that the panel got this right?!? Share your thoughts below and join the convo on our Forum. See yah soon!

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  7. Zack

    April 4, 2015 at 23:52

    Yep Mike, George got you on the Moldavan comment. If it makes you feel better, I for a second thought Austrians spoke Austrian…
    Be Eduard Ukrainian or Moldovan, and yep he’s Ukranian, It’s Moldova’s song. It would have been the same issue had Kitty Brucknell won as she’s from the UK or whatshername from Sweden won for Ireland. It was the chosen song for That country

  8. george

    April 4, 2015 at 19:04

    Mike the smart one, if you are that smart you should know that this song is not Modovan. The singer is Ukrainian. Also, Modovans don’t speak Moldovan, it’s like to say Brazilians speak Brazilian.

  9. Ka'a Kerr

    April 4, 2015 at 18:43

    Thank Goodness I’m not the only one who knows who Cheiron was! Agree 100% with Katja!! But I like the song aside from the want want want blah blah blah part

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