Every year our “Expert” Panel comes together to judge all entries for the Eurovision Song Contest and they’re back to take apart the 2013 entries and rank them accordingly. While their characters and comments may be wacky, the scores are dead serious. All 13 panelists will comment on the song and rank them accordingly giving it points using a scale from five to zero. At the end you’ll also get to cast your vote in the poll. If you would learn more about the panelists and to discuss the show, join us on our Forum HERE

Let’s have a look at the current scoreboard:


Lithuania is sending 29 year old Andrius Pojavis to Malmo with his song “Something”. It was an elaborate Selection process with 5 Heats, 2 Semi Finals and a Big Final (including a Super Final). Let’s find out if the panel thinks it was worth effort.

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5 Points



4 Points

Barb E Dahl

I skipped school only once. It turned out to be the day they taught everything! So I never even heard of Lithuania but it sounds delicious. This is really 80s but quite authentic if you ask me. Maybe it may be perceived as unremarkable by the average ear but I recently learned to use both of them at the same time and I can tell you this is really good.


RobertOh, this is mine song indeed. I usually spend time in my dressing room before my performances listening to such kind of compositions. It sounds very fresh, the vocal of the singer is quite interesting and professional, the rock accompaniment makes it more strike and kinda cosmic. Maybe it’s one of the best Lithuanian entries of the last years. Nevertheless, I have a feeling that one little detail is missing in the song, which doesn’t make it perfect. Think that the song is beloved by good music lover and good-tasted audience will support this entry



3 Points

Glittery S BobLithuania has a decent song, but far from a masterpiece. Mr. Andrius has a voice that says nothing. In fact, it is so flat so I become bored: this is a big minus for the song which asks for a voice from somewhere to explode and give some power to it, but the song is over and … nothing.



Eau d'yre  LizzyEau: Oh, what a sweet smile and how he gestures with his hands, like he’s the conductor of a whole ensemble. Some of the Baltic and East-Europeans nations know how to pick the right artists as their entries. I remember Estonia’s Ott Lepland from last year. What a fine man he was.
Liz: Yes, but Ott could sing and deliver. I’m not sure if the Lithuanian singer can really sing. It sounds a bit amateurish to me. And his English pronounciation is so … funny.
Eau: Oh yes, I have to smirk at… (to be continued)

Petronella PoetryIt’s weird. This is something that I haven’t encounter, glad that this is what Lithuania shared. Reminds a bit like the band The Killers. But feels like the lyrics a written by someone working in destillers. A little quirky, but decent. Better than mostly from Lithuania recent..


MorenikNo one knows as well as I do, when someone promises to give you something great and just calls it something, you need to be careful about it. That was true for my culinary masterpiece that contained bits of cat, frog, and wood chips, and it’s true for this song. Nice singing, but presented so oddly. I just don’t trust you Andrijus, sorry!



Britni SpirsovicI’ve got to tell you something… it’s been on my mind Your song is something! However, that is about it. It is something but nothing more than that. It sounds OK, modern and nice. But his voice and the song that he sings is not exceptional. I, Britni Spirsović the host of X Faktor, know a good song when I hear it. This is just ok, it’s nice to listen to which is something. As Paula Abdul would say in Amerikan Idl, “I’m a fan but singing is not for your.”



2 Points
Scotty Too HottyThis song belongs in the 80’s and to be honest, it should stay there. I think if someone else sang it with more charisma and a better quality voice; it would be received much better! He is boring! Although the music picks up….his voice lets the whole thing down. He needs to be a bit more risky especially if he wants to connect with viewers through a television screen. Unlucky!


Dark MasterNice eyebrows you have boy. Perhaps you can use them to charm your audience, wherever that audience may be. That is all I can say, as the song is pretty much like the French one. Something seems like it is lacking more than something. He can sell it for what it is. 2 points will be given… for the use of the 2 eyebrows.
1 Point

Emma MagnusonThis song’s instrumentation is very good, it reminds me 80s inspired British pop, but the vocal part is horrible. His accent is so annoying and the melody he sings is so bland and repetitive. Sorry cutie, me no likey.



King Valentino XVIIWhat is this I no when I lithuania of my night once more begin. My english not fail in situation. Perhaps this man could help of when. I do not like this song. I a find his performance of it annoying. I don’t like the piece of musica either. What his english too? “Ive got to DELL you something”. I prefer apple mac myself.


Grandpa WatermanIs he hyper, drunk, or that hippie stuff stoned or something? He Looks terrible!





0 Points


Alex ChandhokDifficult to write a review for background music. It sounds like part of a soundtrack for a sketch show. It’s a sort of Indie Rock song with very little impact. The singing is OK, but the English isn’t very good. The big problem is that the chorus just kind of passes by. It needed to have more instrumentation to stand out and generally this song is a poor, boring effort. I won’t completely rule out qualification, as they somehow pulled it off last year. If Andrius nails the live show, then maybe they have a chance. He has the charisma.





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