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Voxovation announces plans for Eurovision India, premiere date unknown

In a surprise announcement following the Eurovision 2023 contest, Voxovation appears to be pursuing another international version of the Eurovision song Contest – this time in India. In the announcement, the company states that “India is like an entire content all by itself”, speaking to the 1.3 billion people who live across the countries 28 states and 8 territories. The …

American Song Contest season two negotiations underway with broadcaster NBC

Negotiations are underway for season 2 of the American Song Contest, according Christer Bjorkman in a profile published by Swedish newspaper Afltonbladet. In the profile, Bjorkman stated, “We are still negotiating and it is, as always, about money.” Bjorkman produced the first season of the American Song Contest, and his company Voxovation holds the rights to the franchise along with …

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