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The stage is set for Eurovision 2024 as rehearsals begin!

Just a few days ago SVT and the EBU showcased the official stage for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in all of its glory. The stage was designed by Eurovision stage designer Florian Wieder and Fredrik Stormby who is the light and screen content designer for the contest. As was envisioned in the initial renderings, the stage features a number …

ESC 2023: “Togetherness” is the theme of this year’s stage design

More and more news are being shared daily and with the recent Allocation Draw that took place, we now also get a quick preview of the stage, which viewers, audience and especially the artist will have the joy of watching in action, this coming May. “Togetherness, celebration and community” It has been revealed that this year’s stage will also carry …

Rotterdam: Open up to our new stage

Moments ago the official Eurovision website presented the new stage design, and it is no surprise that the stage was designed by Eurovision familiar Florian Wieder. When talking about the design, he stated that the stage presents a connection between the sky, the sea, and the land. Wieder also mentioned that the stage design was inspired by the canals and …

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