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Latvia: LTV gears up for Supernova

[AdSense-B] Preparations are well underway for the Latvian selection, with Supernova now in its fifth year since its beginnings in 2015. The competition has grown from strength to strength with unique compositions, sleek modern production and the help of some quirky nods to the international fanbases following the contest across the internet (we still miss your antics, Riga Beaver). Now, …

Predicting who will emerge from the Semi-Finals (Pre-rehearsals)

While en-route to Bratislava yesterday, Matt and Zack from ESC United spent the hour long train ride discussing who we think will advance to the Finals from the 2 Semi-Finals that will take place next Tuesday and Thursday.  As we discussed these picks, we took into account only what has been presented so far, such as live performances, studio tracks, …

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