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ESC United Reviews: Moldova’s Etapa națională 2024

All opinions expressed in this article are those of the person quoted and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the other team members or ESC United as a whole. All aboard the party train from Bucharest to Chisinau, it’s Etapa Nationala 2024! And with eleven hopefuls trying out to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2024, we at ESC United summoned …

Team Reviews: Our thoughts on O melodie pentru Europa 2020 (Part Two)

The below editorial features the opinions and views of the quoted reviewer and do not necessarily represent the views of #escYOUnited as a whole, Eurovision or the EBU. We at ESC United are not afraid to proclaim our love for Moldova at Eurovision. Not to be patronizing, but they are the little country that could, the meme-worthy lords of the stage, the …

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