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The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Ireland

[AdSense-B] It’s almost time for us to praise or criticise the Irish entry for this year’s contest, but we must first reflect on yesterday’s entry as always. What did #YOU think of Slovenia? Jakob B. (Facebook) – “I feel like juries will absolutely destroy this. Then again, they wanted to put Slovenia/Blue and Red through to the final in 2016, …

Ireland: Watch the video for Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s “Together”

[AdSense-B] Ireland were the latest country to reveal their candidate for Lisbon as Ryan O’Shaughnessy released his soothing, emotive ballad “Together”. The song’s video was also released late yesterday, with footage of a same sex couple dancing through the streets of Dublin. The former Britain’s Got Talent star O’Shaughnessy was internally selected by RTÉ for the contest, following in the …

Ireland: Ryan O’Shaughnessy To Sing “Together”

The national broadcaster of Ireland, RTÉ, has decided to continue choosing their entry through an internal selection, despite failing to qualify with one for the last two years. Today they announced that it will be Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s task to make the Emerald Isle shine once more. [AdSense-B] In August last year, RTÉ went with a Eurovision Song Contest Forum, where the …

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