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The “Expert” Panel reviews France: Bilal Hassani – Roi | (Eurovision 2019)

It’s back! The (in)famous ESC United “Expert” Panel is returning once again! While we don’t claim to be professionally qualified to judge anything, we certainly have strong opinions, so our staff and editors got together to review all 41 of the songs taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 which will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel this May.  …

France: Bilal Hassani releases official video of Roi

[AdSense-B] The winner of Destination Eurovision, Bilal Hassani released the official video of Roi, the entry that he will sing in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. He won the final on 26 January 2019, with a total of 200 points earning the backing of both the french jury and the french public. The video was …

French representative Bilal Hassani files suit in court to stop death threats

[AdSense-B] According to an interview with La Parisien this morning, Bilal Hassani’s attorney Étienne Deshoulières filed a suit on the Destination Eurovision winner’s behalf this morning for “insults, incitement to hatred and violence and homophobic threats.” The 19-year-old Parisian singer of Moroccan heritage is, unfortunately, no stranger to negative and hateful comments regarding his sexuality, appearance and Islamic family before, though Deshoulières …

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