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Intelligent Music Project Singer Ronnie Romero Engages in Dumb Argument About Classic Rock Band

A constant argument in the Classic Rock fan community is, “what constitutes a classic rock band reunion?” When getting together for a series of summer concerts, how many members of the classic rock band line-up joining together makes it a compelling show worthy of purchasing tickets? Does it have to be the whole band, like Blink-182 is rumored to be …

God Gave Eurovision to You: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Ends on a Most Triumphant Note

The below editorial features the opinions and views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of #escYOUnited as a whole, Eurovision or the EBU. There exists a world where the song that unifies all races, ethnicities, genders and cultures at exactly the right moment was written by a musician who wrote a Eurovision entry. Sadly, it is …

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