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🇵🇹 MoYah interview: ‘I really want to amplify the voices of those who have experienced displacement’

When Bristol, England-based rapper MoYah received a call from a Portuguese phone number, he initially thought it would be a relative or friend on the other line. But to his surprise, it was a representative from Rádio e Televisão de Portugal. MoYah’s manager had submitted his upbeat hip-hop track “Too Much Sauce” for the annual Festival da Canção. As weeks …

Guarde o melhor para o final? Maro Wins Last Selection of the Season, Will Represent Portugal in Turin

Did they save the best for last? That’s up to the Eurofandom to decide. But tonight, at the final of Festival da Canção, Maro was declared the winner and won the right to represent Portugal at this year’s Eurovision with the song “Saudade, Saudade”. In total, 10 acts competed in tonight’s show. They were: Pongo and Tristany, “Dégrá.dê” Syro, “Ainda …

Festival Da Canção 2022: ESC United Reviews Semi-Final 2

All opinions expressed in this article are those of the person quoted and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the other team members or ESC United as a whole. In the national selection calendar for Eurovision, none delights the hipster as much as Portugal’s Festival Da Canção 2022. An almost Sanremo length show, subgenres you never hear in other …

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