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Eurovision Class of 2009: Where are they now? Part One: Georgia and Semi-Final 1 eliminated contestants

As far as Eurovision is concerned, the 2010s are done and dusted. ESC United is currently running a series ranking the entrants that each country sent during the 2010s, and as we recap what each contributing nation had to offer this decade, what about the artists who performed at the very last Eurovision of the 2000s? Did the entrants of …

Mercurial Minsk: Belarus’ Backpedaling NF History

When news broke that one of Belarus’ national finalists for Eurovision 2014 was disqualified, nobody was shocked. After all, Belarus has, by far, been one the most mercurial participants in the Eurovision Song Contest. With disqualifications, last-minute song changes, and presidential politics thrown into the mix, no Eurovision country compares to the Belarus’ fickle 11-year run. On 5 November, the …

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