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🇧🇪 Belgium: Designer Walter Van Beirendonck for Gustaph’s Eurovision outfit

Our deep dive into the Eurovision outfits continues as we move over to Belgium and analyze the very fashionable Gustaph and his colleagues! In the video and the pictures from the first rehearsal, we were finally able to see what Gustaph and his team are wearing. Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck designed Gustaph’s outfit, sporting the AW2223 OTHERWORLDLY line. A …

🇮🇱 ISRAEL: Designer Alon Livne and stylist Itai Bezaleli in charge of Noa Kirel’s outfit for Eurovision

With rehearsals well underway, we are also finally privy to many of the outfits they will be sporting on the grand stage! If your curiosity is getting the best of you – you are not alone, because we are in the same boat! Israeli fashion designer Alon Livne and stylist Itai Bezaleli took charge of Noa Kirel’s outfit this year, …

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