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OGAE Poll 2014: Four more vote

The OGAEs of Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and the Rest of the World have contributed their points to the organisations’ official ranking of all 37 songs in the contest this year. Spain gave their eight to Israel, ten to Molly of the United Kingdom, and 12 to the song ‘Undo’ from Sweden. The Netherlands gave their 8 to Sweden, ten to …

OGAE Roundup – 10 More Countries Vote

So, more OGAE votes have come flooding in over the past few days, originating from Italy, the United Kingdom, Romania, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Switzerland, Finland, Israel, Greece and Luxembourg. Here are the top three votes from each of the OGAEs. Italy: San Marino Norway United Kingdom United Kingdom: Norway Germany Denmark Romania: Denmark Ukraine Norway Netherlands: Italy Norway San Marino …

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