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Belarus: NAVI Will Fly To Kyiv!

Добры вечар Беларусь – Or in simple English, Good Evening Belarus! We are really feeling that the Eurovision season is kicking in, and it has already kicked in without a doubt, here at ESCYOUnited. Belarus was the next country on the list, to determinate who will be representing the country, when the grand Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Kyiv …

Podcast: Belarus NF – Song Review and Ranking

In today’s ESC United Know-it-Alls podcast, the ESC United panel is reviewing and dissecting the 13 songs taking part in the Belarusian National Final. Matt, Zack and Calvin lightheartedly go over all songs and share their thoughts and opinions. In the end, their results were combined, along with the votes of our ESC United readers previously posted on our website. …

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