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Poll Results: Who are #YOUR favourites in tonight’s shows?

We asked #YOU to vote in the 3 polls of the national selections happening tonight! They were: Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. It is time to take a look at what you guys voted! Let’s start off in Lithuania! The Roop takes first with a commanding 32% of the votes with his song “On Fire”! [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S4drHAd8dA[/embedyt] Gabrielius Vagelis’ “Tave Čia Randu” took second …

Norway: Artists from Eastern Norway presented

2 days ago, Raylee won the first semi-final of the Norwegian national final Melodi Grand Prix, but that was only just the start and already now NRK is continuing the hype, by releasing the next 4 song that are set to participate in the second semi-final this upcoming Saturday. Semi-final 2 We started in the south, now we’re going East… …

Norway: Here are the first acts for MGP 2020

2020 will mark the 60th anniversary for Melodi Grand Prix, how do you celebrate that? Well, according to NRK (National broadcaster of Norway), you expand the show to include the entire country, and today we finally got to know the first few songs. Melodi Grand Prix 2020 In 2020, Norway will expand their national final and this years national final …

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