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Albania: Eugent Bushpepa releases “Mall” video

[AdSense-B] Albania’s Eugent Bushpepa has continued his promotional push towards Lisbon by releasing the long-awaited official video for his entry, “Mall”. The artsy black and white video was uploaded to the official Eurovision channel this afternoon and follows the story of the song’s meaning, with a man and woman escaping from a crowd to be with each other. The video …

The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Albania

[AdSense-B] Before we move on to Albania, it’s time once again to wrap up the previous day’s entry. What did our lovely readers and social media think of the entry from (FYR) Macedonia? Here’s a quick selection… @febryuary (Twitter) – “Daring, eclectic, and groovy – a major bop!” r3gg13 (Forum) – “Macedonia this year sounds like a demo disc for …

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