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Eurovision 2017: Is Kiev safe for LGBT+ People?

[AdSense-B] As things are gearing up for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, many LGBT+ people are asking “Are Ukraine & Kyiv safe for me?” IGLA-Europe has ranked Ukraine as one of the worst places in Europe for LGBT+ people to live in. escunited.com has teamed up with Gay Alliance Ukraine to bring up an awareness about the current situation with regards …

“What if” Russia boycotts happen at Eurovision

Image courtesy of Sander Hesterman (EBU) An editorial from Zack.  This content does not reflect the views of ESC United or its readers.  We encourage readers to share their comments below.   As a fan of many Eurovision websites (not just ESC United!), I’m quite surprised that no one has brought up the recent events occurring in Russia that revolve around …

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