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We Don’t Feel Hate: Unpopular Eurovision Entries That ESC United Writers Love!

We at ESC United try to find the positives, even when we’re being critical. We got slammed for a panel video where ESC United Editor-in-Chief and Founder Matt Friedrichs and three other random goons gave their personal Top 10s for Eurovision 2021. How dare we leave out Italy! How dare we include Germany! Georgia! North Macedonia! Denmark! I actually suspect …

Kreisiraadio’s Tarmo Leinatamm dead at 57

Tarmo Leinataam passed away on Monday at the age of 57 after unfortunately suffering with cancer. Leinataam will be best known to Eurovision fans as one-third of the popular Estonian comedy troupe Kreisiraadio who represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. The group failed to qualify from their semi-final with the multilingual “Leto Svet”, and the song often …

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