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Albania: Festivali i Këngës 60 Reviews, Part Two

It’s FiKmas time! The 60th edition of Albania’s premier song contest gets underway on Monday, December 27, 2021, and we at ESC United are, as always, excited to watch this seasonal treat. Festivali i Këngës 60 will present 20 hopefuls trying out to represent Albania at Eurovision 2022. There will be plenty of drama – a pre-selection favorite who bombs …

Janex: “I think people are tired of hearing the same stories over and over again”

Albania’s Festivali i Këngës is set to begin on December 27th, taking place once again within the Pallati i Kongreseve. One of the 20 artists announced for the festival is Janex, a music producer and indie-pop singer from Albania who currently resides in New York. Together we spoke about how she first got into music and the industry, what songwriting …

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