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Denmark: Meet the 10 contestants

[AdSense-B] In 3 hrs, the Danish National Final will start. We have prepared a short biography of each participant and also you can watch the 2 interview that we did to some of the participants. Song number 1: ”One” performed by Ida Una. The song is written by Peter Bjørnskov & Lene Dissing. The singer and songwriter Peter Bjørnskov saw Ida …

Podcast: Denmark, Ukraine, Slovenia and Latvia – Your Favorites

In today’s ESC United Know-it-Alls podcast, the ESC United we are revealing the reader’s favorites for the upcoming National Finals in Denmark, Ukraine Slovenia and Latvia. Over the last couple of weeks, you were able to vote in the ESC United polls, letting us know who you think should win this weekend. You decided on who receives the official ESC United …

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