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Malta MESC 2024- ESCunited Reviews

🇲🇹 Team Reviews: ESCUnited Reviews Malta the 12 acts in MESC 2024

All opinions expressed in this article are those of the person quoted and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the other team members or ESC United as a whole. Tonight, Saturday February 3, 2024 Malta’s Eurovision Song Contest is taking place where 12 acts will compete to decide who will represent Malta at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The …

X Factor Malta: Where we stand prior to Judges’ Houses

When singers possessed of self-confidence go onto a show like X Factor Malta, they believe that it is their fate to win and represent the Mediterranean nation at Eurovision 2020. There’s another word for this “fate.” I can’t quite think of it. I think there’s a video game franchise with the same name? Also a girl band in the ’90s …

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