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Macedonia: Eye Cue’s “Lost and Found” released

[AdSense-B] The Eurovision selection season is in its dying embers, but there’s still a lot of energy to be had in the last few entries to surface! Macedonia (FYR)’s entry had been going quietly under the radar for the past few weeks, but now the group Eye Cue have released their explosive and upbeat entry “Lost and Found”, which sees …

Macedonian participation in jeopardy: MRT blocked by EBU

As has already been reported in Macedonian media, the European Broadcasting Union has put a block on the national broadcaster of (FYR) Macedonia, MRT, from accessing its productions and services. This is as a result of unpaid debts to the corporation which, if left unpaid, would result in Macedonia being blocked from participating at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. [AdSense-B] …

Macedonia: Jana Burčeska for Kiev

Rumours had been gathering pace in the Balkans that our third artist of the 2017 contest may be around the corner – annd today MRT confirmed the news! Jana Burčeska, most famous for her work with Macedonian rock band Mizar and her previous participations in Skopje Fest, has been given the Macedonian ticket to Kiev and will represent her nation …

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