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OGAE Poll 2024: 🇭🇷 Croatia crowned as this year’s winner

Rehearsals are finally ongoing and preparation for the live shows are in full swing, and with that, fans from all over the world, who are part of the OGAE fanclubs have voted and crowed their winner this year. We can officially say congrats to Baby Lasagna who has “Rim Tim Tagi Dim‘d” his way with the fans, but we can …

Introducing… YOUrovision 2019!

[AdSense-B] Here at #escYOUnited, we want to create content that puts #YOU at the forefront, be it involving your thoughts in polls and reviews to revealing your collective favourites on our forum games. Now, it’s time for the ultimate fan poll, but this doesn’t involve any of the 41 acts competing in Tel Aviv… With over 400 songs performed or …

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