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“I host Albania’s Saturday Night Live!” Interview with Albania’s Eneda Tarifa

No matter what happens at this year’s Eurovision, Albania’s Eneda Tarifa will not struggle for work afterwards. It turns out she hosts the Albania equivalent of Saturday Night Live and is one of Albania’s bigger TV stars! Aside from this, we spoke to the singer about her family, the beauty of Albania and the long hours of the Eurovision schedule. …

Know-It-Alls: Eneda Tarifa for Albania, the British NF and Maltese Songs

We are back with another edition of the ESC Know-It-Alls episode discussing the latest and greatest news, developments and general Eurovision related info. Today’s panel includes Matt (ESC United Editor-in-Chief), Jake (ESC United Editor) and Sadie (ESC United Editor). This is our first meeting of the year and we are also now on YouTube. So feel free to join us …

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