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Russia: Do we have the first 2022 representative?

It is no secret that Philip Kirkorov stated that “the dream team” will be in charge of Russia’s representative for Eurovision 2022, but no one expected to have the news so soon as this year’s contest just wrapped less than three weeks ago. Kirkorov was pictured with composer Dimitris Kontopoulos and stage director Fokas Evangelis along side Russian/Azeri singer JONY, who was also rumored to be Azerbaijani …

Greece: Stefania Liberakakis to represent the country

After weeks and weeks of rumors and speculation Greek broadcaster, ERT, tonight has finally confirmed that the young Stefania Liberakakis will represent the country coming May in Rotterdam with the song Supergirl compesed by Dimitris Kontopoulos. Greek dream team will be complete as her staging will be done by Fokas Evangelinos. As it was announced, the initial plan was to release the …

The ESC United Dream Team 2016

Are you sitting at home still mourning the end of Vienna 2015? Just completed your sixth viewing of the voting sequence? Voted in every kind of contest you can find on the internet? Then the Post Eurovision Depression must be hitting you hard… but of course, the excitement never stops and we at ESC United are already looking forward to …

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