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Denmark: The Running Order for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023 is set for Saturday

With under just one week until Denmark selects its representative for the upcoming Eurovision, the Danish broadcaster DR has announced the running order for DMGP 2023 on Saturday! The eight songs picked for DMGP will be performed in the following order: Frederik Leopold – Stuck On You EYJAA – I Was Gonna Marry Him Micky Skeel – Glansbillede maia maia …

Denmark: Meet the 8 competitors of DMGP 2023

Another day in the 2023 national final season, which only means, more songs to listen and discuss about. Today is Denmark’s day, as the national broadcaster (DR) has finally decided to present the 8 acts that will compete in less than a months time, for the Danish ticket to Liverpool. Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023 As usual, Denmark is doing …

Denmark: Hosts for DMGP 2023 will be Tina Müller and Heino Hansen

The Scandinavian countries are all slowly but very steadily getting everything set for their national finals. In September, we could announce that Sweden had picked their host pair for Melodifestivalen. Then in October, Norway could reveal that their had found their pair as well and now here in November, Denmark has completed the trio, by announcing their hosting pair for …

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