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Photo of Daniel Levi in a blue long-sleeve shirt and black pants.

🇪🇪 Daniel Levi interview: Eesti Laul entry “Over the Moon” is a lullaby to “make someone feel safe, loved”

Daniel Levi remembers attending a songwriting camp with an idea he thought would sound ridiculous: he was thinking about writing a song that he could use as a lullaby to sing to his two young daughters when he has a hard time getting them to sleep. But other songwriters and producers at the camp were drawn to it. Over the …

Estonia: Eesti Laul – Daniel Levi “The song is inspired by my younger brother Josh”

The 9th edition of Eesti Laul in Estonia is gearing up with it’s first semi-final is scheduled for the 11th February and the second semi-final is scheduled for the 18th February and the final is scheduled for the 4th March 2017. The group Daniel Levi are one of the participants and they found time to talk to us today. Hello Daniel …

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