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Andorra won’t be back in 2017

So we have our first confirmed country staying at home in 2017, although this one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Andorra, the contest’s only participating nation in recent years to never reach the Eurovision final, has confirmed via their broadcaster RTVA that participation for the country in Ukraine will not be viable for a number of reasons, most …

No return for Andorra in 2015

It’s been less than a week since Austria’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest and (unfortunately) we already have our first “No” of the 2015 season. Andorra, the small country between France and Spain, is not returning next year. RTVA confirmed the non-participation which does not come as a maj0r surprise. Andorra first participation was in 2004 and the last time …

Interview : Andorra’s 10th anniversary in Eurovision

Nestled in the Pyrenees mountains, Andorra made its debut in the contest in 2004. The tiny state participated five times (2004 – 2009) with a wide variety of music styles. Back in 2004, they chose Marta Roure with the song “Jugarem a Estimar-nos” (We will play we’re loving each other). This catchy tune was penned by Jofre Bardagí and it tells the …

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