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France: Amir set to perform at Euro 2016

In another big moment in the Frenchman’s already stellar year, Amir, the French performer in Eurovision 2016, will swap one form of European competition for another. The contest’s sixth placed contestant will be performing at tomorrow’s opening ceremony for the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament, once again performing in front of millions of eyes across the continent and the globe. …

The Ranking 2016: Results (Round 9)

Our annual Ranking Game is back. This is where you can vote for your favorite Eurovision songs on a weekly basis. Our readers award points Eurovision Style to their favorite songs. At the end of the week we will tally up the points, post the results and reset the game to keep the ranking current. The Results are in. This …

France: Amir with "J'ai cherché" is the choice

France’s national broadcaster France 2 has been forced to announce their participant early following a leak. The broadcaster and the EBU have both confirmed that Amir Haddad will represent France in Stockholm with his hit “J’ai cherché” (I’ve been looking for). The French choice, which will be sung in both French and English in Stockholm, has been a closely guarded …

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