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The Black Mamba tease collaboration with Flo Rida

The Black Mamba’s lead singer and principal songwriter Pedro Tatanka has teased that a collaboration with Flo Rida may be on the cards, following the American hit-maker’s appearance at this year’s contest for San Marino. According to escportugal, Tatanka told TV7Dias magazine that the rapper was enamoured with the band’s performance of “Love is on My Side” at Eurovision 2021 …

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San Marino: Will Flo Rida accompany Senhit in Rotterdam?

Bologna, 21 March 2021 Every since the release of San Marino’s high altitude bop “Adrenalina”, questions have arisen towards the staging. Will Flo Rida (stage name of Tramar Lacel Dillard), accompany Senhit on the Eurovision stage? The American rapper, known for world-wide hits such as “Whistle” and “Low” is featured prominently in the song, taking care of the song’s bridge …

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