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Team Reviews: Eurovision France – C’est vous qui décidez (Part 1)

The opinions expressed in this article are the personal views of the individual reviewers, and do not necessarily represent the view of ESC United as a whole or its other editors and members. The tension and hype is building throughout the week in France as C’est vous qui décidez – the French selection for Eurovision 2021 – nears on Saturday …

21 Juin le Duo: “We call climate change to mind in a positive and enthusiastic way”

Ahead of this weekend’s French selection for Eurovision 2021, we wanted to get to know the artists a little better, and learn what drove them to participate in the competition. Today, Manon and Julien from 21 Juin le Duo shared some information about their song “Peux-tu me dire ?” and their upcoming performance. They are competing in the hope to …

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