In 2015, the band participated in the Swiss national final with “Singing About Love”, where they finished 2nd. Later, they will once again try their luck in the Swiss final, that will take place on the 5th of February, with the song “Apollo”. We had a small chat with Miruna Manescu from Timebelle, who was so kind enough to answer some questions.

A Little About Timebelle

  1. Emanuel Daniel Andriescu

    Please tell us about the group members.
    The members of the group are Samuel Forster (drums), Emanuel Daniel Andriescu (saxophone, klarinette and piano), Miruna Manescu (voice).

  2. How was the group Timebelle created and how did it start?
    Timebelle is originally created by Emanuel, he came up with the whole idea of the group, the name and also our participation at Eurovision from 2 years ago.
  3. Where does the name “Timebelle” come from?
    The name is created by Emanuel and it comes from one of Bern’s symbols, which is the “Zytglogge” from the old town. Bern is the city we all met and we wanted our name to have a connection with one of the most representative symbols of Bern.
  4. How did the group end up being a Swiss band?
    Like i said, the place where the band started is Bern, everything about this band is Swiss, all the rehearsals happen in Switzerland, the concerts and everything musically speaking takes place here. Almost all the members live in Switzerland, so, naturally, this is a Swiss band.
  5. What does the Eurovision Song Contest mean for the group?
    Big competitions such as Eurovision motivate us to push harder and improve ourselves. Eurovision is highly important to us, it keeps us focused, motivated and very united. And we really want to perform on that big stage!
  6. Since the group was started, has there been any replacements?
    Our formula is now more simplified than the original one, especially for Eurovision which doesn’t allow more than 6 members on the stage.

    A Little About The Past

  7. Samuel Forster

    At the end of 2014, when the group took part at the “Expert Check” with the song “Singing About Love”, that was the first time the Eurovision fans, got to hear about the group. How did the group react to this attention from the Eurovision fans?
    It was fantastic! This is why we’re doing what we’re doing, to entertain people. The greater the feedback, the better. We had a lot of people who supported us and encouraged us to go further and we thank them for that!

  8. Before taking part in the Swiss national final in 2015, “Singing About Love” had become a favorite to represent Switzerland, was there any pressure back then on winning the competition and represent Switzerland?
    The closer you are to the big prize, the bigger the pressure, of course! We were extremely excited, especially because we were considered one of the favorites. But we were also very confident in our own song.
  9. As we all know now, “Singing About Love” finished 2nd after the winner Mélanie René, how did you react back then to being so close on winning, but in the end had to leave empty handed?
    It was incredibly frustrating, especially because we finished second. If it was 3rd or any other place, maybe it would have been easier, but second and perhaps the last place must be the most difficult to endure.
  10. After losing “Die Entscheidungsshow” in 2015, what happened afterwards, and all the way until now, and what did the group go through since then?
    We had a great time! We gave lots of concerts in Switzerland, spent time in the studio recording new songs and finding our music genre that best fits us. We also recorded a song called “Desperado” and filmed a video for one big mexican restaurant chain called “Desperado”. We all have our own projects, separated from Timebelle as well, Samuel teaches drums and percussion, Emanuel teaches klarinette and saxophon, and i (Miruna) have my own solo project in Romania. We keep ourselves busy, always. 🙂
  11. The group also released some other songs, how well was these other songs received?
    We surely hope they were well received. A Little About The Future

    A Little About The Future

  1. Miruna Manescu

    Now the group is back, and is taking part in the Swiss national final on 5th of February 2017 with the song “Apollo”. What made you guys decide to enter the Swiss national final once again?
    It was exactly the great feedback from 2 years ago. Our fans wrote us messages and asked us to try again, including last year, but we were not convinced because we didn’t have that song in our hands that we truly believed in. But now with “Apollo”, we do believe in our shot!

  2. About the song “Apollo”, can we get to know what the song is about, and why “Apollo” was chosen as your entry for Eurovision, and also who has written & composed the song?
    “Apollo” is written by 3 Swedish producers : Alessandra Günthardt, Nicolas Günthardt and Elias Näslin. The song may be interpreted in more different ways. It can be a love song or it can be a gift to the God of art himself, Apollo, that’s the beauty in art, it is personal, not everybody perceives it in the same way.
  3. Once again, you’re the favorites this time to win the Swiss national final, will it feel like the first time, or will it be easier to handle any sort of pressure from the expectations by fans and public?
    We are more relaxed than 2 years ago and more secure. We know exactly what we have to do and we are extremely focused. I personally (Miruna) always say that I’m not nervous but this is my way of  dealing with the fact that I am nervous :)) But I never, absolutely never show it or admit it. Never.
  4. What is the groups own expectation before the Swiss final, do you expect to actually win this time or is it going to be a difficult task, and of course any opinions about the other competitors and their songs?
    It’s a good competition, we take it serious and learn how to have a little bit of fun at the same time. We appreciate all the other songs and the most suitable song for Eurovision should win. But of course we think our song is the best! 🙂
  5. If you win, and will be selected to go to Kyiv representing Switzerland, what will be the first thing you’ll do?
    Work and rehearse even more!
  6. Last question for now, do you have a message to the readers on
    Enjoy this year’s final selection and thank you for your support during all this period and not only. Thank you! 🙂

The show will take place on the 5th of February 2017 in the SRF Studio 1 in Zürich, will be hosted by Sven Epiney. With guest performance from SeBalter who represented Switzerland in 2014. Timebelle with perform their song “Apollo” on the 6th spot of the competition, remember to watch it live.

We wish the group, all the best of luck and thank them for chatting with us!

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