The running order has been revealed for the Melodifestivalen heats
The running order has been revealed for the Melodifestivalen heats

The most famous national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, Melodifestivalen, has had its running order for the heats revealed by national broadcaster SVT.

The show will consist of four heats, andra chansen and the final. The shows will begin on the 2nd of February with Heat 1, and will conclude on the 12th of March. Samir and Viktor will open the heats and Molly Sanden will close the heats:

Heat 1 – Göteborg
1. Samir & Viktor – ”Bada nakna”
2. Pernilla Andersson – ”Mitt guld”
3. Mimi Werner – ”Ain’t No Good”
4. Albin & Mattias – ”Rik”
5. Anna Book – ”Himmel för två”
6. Robin Bengtsson – ”Constellation Prize”
7. Ace Wilder – ”Don’t Worry”

Heat 2 -Malmö
1. David Lindgren – ”We are Your Tomorrow”
2. Viktor och Natten – ”100%”
3. Molly Pettersson Hammar – ”Hunger”
4. Isa – ”I Will Wait”
5. Krista Siegfrids – ”Faller”
6. Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson – ”Håll mitt hjärta hårt”
7. Wiktoria – ”Save Me”

Heat 3 – Norrköping
1. SaRaha – ”Kizunguzungu”
2. Swingfly Feat. Helena Gutarra – ”You Carved Your Name”
3. SMILO – ”Weight of the World”
4. After Dark – ”Kom ut som en stjärna”
5. Lisa Ajax – ”My Heart Wants Me Dead”
6. Boris René – ”Put Your Love On Me”
7. Oscar Zia – ”Human”

Heat 4 – Gävle
1. Eclipse – ”Runaways”
2. Dolly Style – ”Rollercoaster
3. Martin Stenmarck – ”Du tar mig tillbaks”
4. Linda Bengtzing – ”Killer Girl”
5. Frans – ”If I Were Sorry”
6. Panetoz – ”Håll om mig hårt”
7. Molly Sandén – ”Youniverse”

Sweden will be hoping to hold on to their title and win the Eurovision Song Contest on home soil, when the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the Globe Arena in Stockholm in May.

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