One might think that SVT have their hands full, and they clearly do, since this past weekend, we got the number of entries submitted into Melodifestivalen, which lands on 2624 contenders for 2024.

Melodifestivalen 2024

As we all should know by now, due to Sweden’s victory earlier this year, the 2024 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Sweden, to be more exact, in the city of Malmö. This means, that the 2624 submitted entries are fighting for that one chance of representing Sweden, on home soil, coming next May.

This number of entries however, is about 200 less than last year, which some might find surprising, but it still remain one of the highest amount of submitted entries in the past 10 years at least. The submission period lasted from August 25th and until September 15th 2023.

Coming up next, a panel will now have the difficult task to pick only 15 entries from the submitted entries, which will consist of a jury. Meanwhile over autumn, the remaining 15 songs, will then be picked by SVT.

Karin Gunnarsson, who is the show producer, had the following to say(translated):

  • “Intensive work with the selection process now begins. The goal is to produce a hit, lovely and engaging starting field. It is extra fun that one of the entries will get to represent Sweden here at home in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.”

The 2024 edition of Melodifestivalen will feature a total of 30 songs, with 5 heats and one final. The final will consist of 12 of the 30 competing songs, for a more in-depth explanation on how the shows will run in 2024, can be found here.

SVT will also reveal over the autumn, who the 30 lucky participants will be, but as usual, songs won’t be released before the days of the competition in February.

Do #YOU believe that Sweden might have another winner among the submitted entries and are #YOU extra excited for Melodifestivalen now that Sweden will be represented on home ground?
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