As long as we can keep these coming, then we shall keep them coming, cause next up on our list of interviews from Liverpool, we managed to find Sudden Lights from Latvia. The boys where hanging out at this year’s Euroclub, so why not have a fast chat with them, while we were there as well.

As we like to get to learn more about the acts, then why not have the acts share what they think about each other? We ask the members, who are most likely gonna do karaoke, who are most likely to forget the lyrics and even more important, who could be a perfect meme?

While we’re at it, we also go back in time, to 2018 to be exact, to hear about what has happened since then, and what made the boys to try their luck once again.

Speaking about going back in time, the group has just released a new song as well, which is titled “Backwards in Time“, which can be watched right below.

Latvia made their debut back in 2000, and it was not long before they could claim their first victory in the contest, which they did in 2002, but it has been difficult times since then, as they are yet to win again, and probably even more important, to at least qualify to the final, which they haven’t done since 2016.

Get to know Sudden Lights

Sudden Lights become a reality back in 2012, back then when both Andrejs and Mārtiņš were students in a music school in Riga. It wasn’t before 2015, when Kārlis Z. and Kārlis V. joined the line-up, to form the band we know today. Notable, is that Kārlis Z. and Andrejs are even brothers as well.

The band took part in a competition, in which they won, back in 2015, where they were afterwards given the opportunity to record their first single. Since then, the band has produced three albums together and they have become one of the most popular bands in Latvia since then.

As mentioned before, the band even took part in the national selection in 2018, where the managed to finish 2nd. Despite the successful debut, the band returned to the national final earlier this year, where the clearly managed to do better, which gave them the Latvian ticket to the stage in Liverpool.

How do #YOU find the members of Sudden Lights to be like and do #YOU think they can bring Latvia back into the finals?
Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum site right HERE, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Discord.

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