It seems that every year some form of innovation shocks and amazes the European audience each year from the staging of the contest, be it the projection technology of 2013 or last year’s quirky cage design.

This year, it looks like ORF are really trying to make 2015 the most memorable Eurovision ever – and rightly so, for the 60th anniversary! It has now been confirmed by the Wahlberg light and motion design company that this year’s Eurovision staging will also include a 650-strong kinetic structure of motorised balls, in a similar vein to the technology in this video. Perhaps the structure will be used in a similar fashion to the CGI bubbles Norway used in 2010?

It really does seem like ORF are trying to make 2015 light fantastic! Technical tests are expected to begin very shortly so hopefully we will get some idea of how the stage looks in action.


Check out some of the most recent stage photos below:

stage1 stage3 stage4What do you think of the stage? Let us know your thoughts below or join the discussion with other fans on our forum!

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  1. Tarık Korkmaz

    April 28, 2015 at 09:38

    I think this stage worst on The century. Sorry Austria but this is REALLY bad .

  2. Calvin Philips

    April 27, 2015 at 21:15

    Thank goodness! I saw people talking about this on the forum, and I’m so happy that it’s actually going to materialize.

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