After a lengthy televised process, Spain selected Alfred & Amaia as their representatives for Eurovision 2018 with their soaring ballad “Tu canción!” The song was one of nine entries performed in the final; a list of all nine entries can be found below:

1. Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana Guerra & Miriam – “Camina”

2. Aitana – “Arde”

3. Agoney & Miriam – “Magia”

4. Alfred – “Que nos sigan las luces”

5. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”

6. Amaia – “Al cantar”

7. Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”

8. Ana Guerra – “El remedio”

9. Alfred & Amaia – “Tu canción”

“Arde,” “Lo malo,” and “Tu canción” advanced to the superfinal, where “Tu canción” emerged victorious with 43% of the vote, only a plurality but comfortably ahead of both “Arde” and “Lo malo.” The performance emphasized the chemistry between the two performers, presenting a romance between Alfred and Amaia through both the lyrics and the staging. You can watch their performance here!

Spain’s national final was folded into the reality competition show “Operación Triunfo;” the show concludes next week by crowning a victor among all of tonight’s performers except Agoney, who was eliminated from the show but continued in the Eurovision selection as half of a duet. The choice of a winner will not affect either Alfred or Amaia’s Eurovision participation.

What do #YOU think? Did Spain choose correctly? Did you enjoy the selection? Sound off below and on our forum!

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