EMA is just around the corner as the semifinals will be held next week in Ljubljana, so we are eager to bring you another interview.

Today we had a chat with Aleksandra Josić, bands lead vocalist.
Local public also remember her as participant of Got Talent show.

First of all, how would you describe your band in just two sentences?

– We are an intergalactic group, with mysterious-empathetic souls. When we united our forces, it seems to me that we are becoming omnipotent.

What motivated you to sign up for EMA 2017?

– A year ago, we promoted our first single, with the bands new lineup. Already after a couple of months ago, we participated at the famous festival ”Slovenska popevka”, in addition to awards that we won, we’ve enchanted souls of a good part of the audience.
You can not be liked by everyone and it’s okay. So motivation came to search for people around the world, whose energy is compatible with ours, to connect with them, sharing deepest emotions.

Can you say something about your song?

– There are no modulations. 😀

A lot of very popular performers are in this years EMA. Who do you consider your biggest competitor?

– Focus is on the three-minute journey into our dimension. We want to enjoy and to have an unforgettable experience.

Your favorite Eurovision songs?

– There must be another way by Noa and Mira Awad and Secret Garden’s Nocturne.

Would you be kind enough to tell our readers something interesting about yourselves?

We have our rehearsals underground and we are all air signs in the horoscope. 😉

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