The polls are closed so now it’s time to find out who you think will qualify tonight. But let’s make it a competition, shall we? The Copenhagen team is also going to vote and later tonight and we’ll compare who did better.

Basically everyone on our team agrees that 2014 is a VERY difficult year for prediction for multiple reasons. One of them is that there is no clear favorite per sei and the quality is overall on an equal level. In addition, with the smaller number of participants it’s quite possible for a song to sneak into the Top 10. And don’t forget that fact that the full ranking system that was used in 2013 is returning this year so this is making everything incredibly unpredictable. Nobody feels super confident about their picks but nevertheless here they are:

[easytable caption=”” width=”600″ colwidth=”50|50|50|50|50|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left”] Ahmet, Gerry, Maddie, Matt, Olivia, Chris

Austria, Austria, Austria, Austria, Austria, Austria
Belarus, Finland, Finland, Finland, Belarus, Finland
Greece, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Greece, Finland, Greece
Ireland, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Greece, Ireland
Israel, Israel, Israel, Lithuania, Ireland, Israel
Malta, Malta, Malta, Malta, Israel, Norway
Norway, Norway, Norway, Norway, Malta, Poland
Poland, Romania, Poland, Poland, Norway, Romania
Romania, Slovenia, Romania, Romania, Poland, Slovenia
Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland, Romania, Switzerland


Which means ESC United predicts that the following countries will qualify:



Here are your votes:

1. Israel
2. Norway
3. Greece
4. Romania
5. Austria
6. Poland
7. Finland
8. Ireland
9. Malta
10. Switzerland

11. Slovenia
12. Belarus
13. FYR Macedonia
14. Lithuania
15. Georgia


This means the Staff and readers agree on the Top 10 which is very interesting as this Semi is considered rather unpredictable. In a few hours we’ll know if we were right or completely off.

Enjoy the show!!!!



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