As we reported this week, Sanja Vučić ZAA was officially presented as the Serbian representative on Monday and also the special show where her song and Serbian entry are presented was filmed the same day.


Music and the lyrics were written by Ivana Peters, while Ivan Ilić i Uroš Marković did the arrangement and the production. The English version of the song is called Goodbye (Shelter) and that is the one that Sanja will perform in Stockholm, but there is also Serbian verson tittled Iza Osmeha (Behind a smile). As you probably know the song is telling a story about violence against women.

Throught the show, that was hosted by four popular male TV hosts, the viewers got their memories jogged with performances of Mans Zelmerlow and Bojana Stamenov from last year and also the first Eurovision performances of Yugoslavia and Serbia.

During the show Sanja proved her singing talent by singing modern pop, ethno, fado, French, Italian and Arabic songs.

Heads of entertainment and music said that they’ve decided to pick Sanja to represent the country as the future is in the hands of young people and she is very young as Sanja is 22 years old.

Ivana Peters and Ivan Ilić also came to talk a bit about the song.
Ivana said that she had a lot of creative moments in the past few months and in that period this song was made, while Ivan said that more than 40 musicians, mostly playing brass and string instruments participated in the recording of the song.

In the end Sanja first performed the Serbian version Iza Osmeha and after it we finally got to hear Goodbye.

Do you agree that we have a very powerful entry from Serbia this year? Do you like the song? Share your thoughts with us.


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