On the eve of the reveals for Serbia’s national selection Beovizija, it’s time to speak to another performer! It is no secret that she has a powerful voice and this will be her fifth participation at the Serbian national final. Maja Nikolić will perform “Zemlja čuda” (Wonderland), a song penned by Vladimir Graić. This is your chance to meet her a bit more – can this finally be her year?

Hi Maja! Can you introduce yourself to Eurovision fans in just two sentences?

I am a singer with over 100 festival participations, where I’ve won 26 prizes! I have participated in festivals all around the world, including Golden Satellite in Los Angeles and Slavianski Bazaar, where I’ve also won first prizes.

What were your first thoughts when you found out that you will participate in Beovizija this year?

I was so thrilled! I kissed my son and I called my godfather Graja to congratulate him as our song got in!

What do you expect out of your Beovizija participation?

I expect for the best song to win and that Eurovision will be back in Belgrade! I will do my best to light up the stage with my choreography and catchy tune that will break the boundaries, as it will be something completely new coming from me and people won’t see it coming. I promise you will see a world class performance and that you will dance with the first notes of my song. I have no doubts it will be a hit and it is important that people see it too!

What is a typical day like for you?

I am devoted to my sons, a bit more to Lazar, my younger one, who is 11. I help him with his school work and then I feel like I am growing up all over again. Our house is like a wonderland as we have a lot of pets and we all sing and listen to music together. I also have rehearsal for 4 to 5 hours and also I drive my boys to their schools.

Would you be so kind to tell us something interesting about yourself? Something that isn’t commonly known?

I love animals so much that I could cuddle with them for hours. I love long walks in nature. I love to go to the mountains, where I can have peace and quiet, far away from the city, with my sons and pets. People don’t know that I don’t watch TV, not even my performances, but I do love to read and listen to music daily.

Can you describe us your song in couple of words?

Well the title of my song, Wonderland, is telling you a lot. Like Alice in Wonderland, my life is just like that. 🙂

Your first Eurovision memory?

It’s ABBA and their song Waterloo. Thanks to that song and their Eurovision win, they became globally popular.

Your favorite Eurovision song?

Well it has to be Molitva, Graja’s song. We won that year and I was so happy! I also love Waterloo.

Do you have any message for Eurovision fans from all around the world?

Keep loving Eurovision as it is the only European festival of pop music that is very important for cultural, musical and also spiritual education of our children. I grew up listening to Eurovision songs and it makes me so happy that we get several hit songs every year.

We would like to thank Maja for her time talking to us and wish her the best of luck in Beovizija this year!

What do #YOU hope for from Serbia this year? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below an on social media!

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