His song is something every Eurovision fan would say is a great thing coming from Serbia. On February 20th, Danijel will perform his ethnic ballad Ruža sudbine (Rose of destiny) hoping to fulfill his dream – to represent Serbia at Eurovision. Here is what he had to say about his participation, every day life and Eurovision.

Could you tell us who exactly Danijel is?

I don’t like to speak about myself in third person. I find it really inappropriate when people do that, so I will just simply say – I am a man and above all an artist.

What were your first thoughts when you found out that you will participate at Beovizija?

The same that I thought when I saw the article about Star Academy auditions. I wasn’t questioning IF I will participate, it was HOW will I handle all of that!

What’s a typical day like for you?

Uhh… I like to chill at home, browse the web and eat! When there are some chores to be done, I make a list and get everything done.

Would you be so kind to tell us something interesting about yourself? Something that isn’t commonly known?

Hmmmm, what can I tell you… I am writing a book. It’s a children’s novel and it’s gonna be so good.

Your first Eurovision memory?

Doris Dragović and her “Marija Magdalena”. I was watching it at my grandma’s place and I remember that there were some electricity restrictions so I barely managed to watch the whole show that year.

Your favorite Eurovision song?

It’s Israeli entry from 2015 – “Golden Boy”! I just love that thing! It rocks!

Do you have any kind of a message for Eurovision fans from all around the world?

I really wish for all you people to plant a seed in your hearts. A seed of a beautiful rose, a rose of destiny and that they will join me on this amazing journey called Beovizija.

We would like to thank Danijel for his time talking to us and wish him the best of luck in Beovizija this year!

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