Liverpool, 10 May 2023

The dress rehearsals are finally upon us! Let’s go through all of them one by one and give you some more details about all of the performances! Buckle up and get through all of the 16 performances today!!

Note: Images and videos will be added once they go online on the official channel. 

Country: Denmark
Act: Reiley
Song: “Breaking My Heart”
Semifinal: Second (11/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 01/16

The song starts with a shot of Reiley through a heart shaped hole. He then colours in that heart with a sharpie. We then see him sitting on some staircase. with a lightpink background.

After the first chorus we move on through a doorway to enter the next room which is a bit empty and a darker shade of pink. Reiley sits down on the floor for the second chorus where heart shaped clouds appear on the floor LED.

After this second chorus we get a crowdshot and we move on to the final room which is light green and all the LED’s around him also turn green. He ends the song with him posing and his hands in a heartshape. We did notice that there is a short break after Denmark to get the giant prop off the stage.

Country: Armenia
Act: Brunette
Song: “Future Lover”
Semifinal: Second (11/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 02/16

Brunette starts off lying on a slope with pink projections on her and that slope. She gets up at the moment she sings future lover for the first time. The projections change from pink to grey and white at the first chorus. The rap part sees her standing up with a lot of overhead shots of her.

There is a revamp of the song with a dancebreak in there after the rap part. The slope is at a surprisingly big angle. For the final chorus she walks back on it and the pink tones come back too. The end shot is her kneeling down and looking up at the camera!

Country: Romania
Act: Theodor Andrei
Song: “D.G.T. (Off and On)”
Semifinal: Second (11/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 03/16

The performance starts off with a lot of Theodors on the floor LED carrying a guitar. Theodor starts off on an acoustic guitar to really show off his talent. The start of the song is fully acoustic surprisingly.

We change to a shot of Theodor on the LED starting off the next verse and the beat picks up as well. The song has a lot of lava around him. At the next chorus the LED’s turn around and we get some pretty lighting. In the final high note a dancer comes running up to him to caress his body.

Country: Estonia
Act: Alika
Song: “Bridges”
Semifinal: Second (11/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 04/16

The song starts off with Alika sitting in front of her ghost piano. For the first chorus she has turned around and plays the piano herself. After said chorus she gets up and walks towards the edge of the satellite stage.

In the second chorus she walks to the bigger stages with shots of the crowd behind her. We could possibly see some torchlights appearing at this point. She surprisingly walks around quite a lot. The LED is a blue/white colour which reminds me of an ocean. For the final chorus it all turns to gold and she finishes it off with an imposing stance and note!

Country: Belgium
Act: Gustaph
Song: “Because of You”
Semifinal: Second (11/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 05/16

The song starts off with Gustaph on a staircase and a silhouette of his face behind him. The beat kicks in and dancers appear on the LED and we get a first glimpse of the feature vocalists as well. Just before the first chorus Gustaph walks down the stairs and the other vocalists walk up the stairs right after the chorus. A nice bit of cameraplay there!

The LED’s turn into more pink colouring instead of just black and white. The vocalists join him on their walk towards the smaller satellite stage. In the buildup to the final chorus we get the dancer on the stage. The song ends with everyone standing in the middle and the feature vocalists waving a fan.

For more coverage, join Matt & Gabe on the today’s livestream!

What do #YOU think of these 5 rehearsals? Did you fancy Denmark? How about Armenia? Was Romania more your cup of tea? Did Estonia light your fire? or did Belgium do it all for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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