Switzerland has officially made its selection for Eurovision 2014: Sebalter!

Hunter of Stars beat out five other songs in tonight’s final.  The final ranking of all six songs, along with song links, is listed below:

1. Hunter of Stars – Sebalter
2. I Still Believe – Yasmina Hunzinger
3. Together Forever – 3 for All
4. Au paradise – Christian Tschanz
5. La luce del cuore – Nino Colonna
6. Une terre sans vous – Natacha & Stephanie

An expert panel originally selected the six finalists in November.  However, tonight’s decision to send Sebalter’s Hunter of Stars was made by both a jury and a public vote.

(Disclaimer: This commentary does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of ESC United, its editorial board or its readers)
I think I speak for many viewers when I say that I was not really crazy about any of the six finalists.  I don’t believe there was a potential Eurovision winner in the bunch, which is too bad because they originally had some decent songs.  I don’t think the expert panel did Switzerland any favors back in November.  Switzerland should allow the public to participate in which songs make it to the national final!

Sebalter’s Hunter of Stars I thought was the strongest performance; the other songs were rather forgettable.  Yasmina Hunzinger clearly has an amazing voice (and I think may secretly be Iceland’s 2010 entry), but I don’t think the song did a good job showing off her voice.  I felt it left something to be desired.  3 for All’s song was a stereotypical Eurovision entry, singing about togetherness, but it was a little bland.  Overall, I would say Switzerland’s entries were “meh,” although Sebalter’s entry stood out from the others.  I’m glad Sebalter won, but I don’t see this as the year for Switzerland

What do you think about Switzerland’s decision to send Sebalter? Was there a better contestant?  Do you think this is the year for Switzerland?


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